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    "Harry was great to work with buying my new home. He pointed out any problems a home may have when we looked at them to make sure we didn't end up with regrets after the purchase!"  - A.J. Siegling

    "My real estate transaction was anything but typical. Harry and his team went above and beyond to get it done! They handled the situation with professionalism and did everything in their power (and then some) to make it happen! Harry and his team are now the only ones I will recommend when real estate is involved! Thank you Harry for helping my family get our home!"  - Douglas Schermetzler

    "I am thankful for Harry Kimbrough and his staff for doing such a great job selling my home. As an out of town owner, I relied on Harry to not only sell the home but serve as a part time caretaker! He helped me organize lawn service, snow removal, and repairs. He also managed it as a rental property for a time. Most importnatly Harry is very available and responsive. We had some setbacks with buyers that were not able to follow through, but Harry never seemed to get discouraged and in the end, we had a great result."      - Robert Carmichael                                                        

    "Harry helped me save $23,650 on the purchase of my home."  - Kimberly A Karren

    "Harry had a house I wanted to buy. His team pulled all the documents together and we closed in just 1 day!"      - Scott Brady

    "I had a home I needed to sell. I talked to Harry and he got the jobe done in only 35 days!"
                                                                                                                                - Renae Coleman

    "This is the second property we have purchased from Harry. We like working with Harry because he gives great service. We Would recommend Harry to everyone buying or selling a home."                          - Greg Worthen 

    "Harry SOLD my home in just 18 days! I would gladly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell." - Charity Greene


    "After looking at several homes we found the perfect one and Harry's team handled the transaction for a smooth and effortless purchase. Harry's team helped us save thousands. We would recommend Harry & his team to everyone for the purchase of their home." - Jeremy & Melissa Pike

    "Harry came and looked at our house on a Friday and 4 days later it was sold for 99.7% of asking price. Harry really has the buyers!"Shane & Johnee Cook

     “I would recommend Harry Kimbrough and his team to anyone buying or selling a home in the Gillette area! If you are looking for a realtor who is truly looking out for your best interest and happiness, then Harry is the realtor for you and your family. He was very patient with me in finding a perfect home for my family. I was unfamiliar with the area at first and Harry helped me find a safe, family friendly neighborhood to raise my son. He made sure the details of closing were well examined and even caught a few items that I didn’t see. Again, if you want to work with a realtor who is honest, caring, patient and hard-working then Harry and his team are the ones you should go to!”  - Katy Wright

    "Harry's Team did a great job and SOLD our House for Full Price in a Buyers' Market!"

    Ronald and Sandra Anderson

    "Harry's Team sold our house in just 8 days! We couldn't thank them enough for their due diligence, honesty, integrity, dedication and hard work making this happen for us so quickly!" 

    - LeRoy and Susan Keller

    "Harry Sold my house in only 14 days. If You want results, CALL HARRY!"

    Robert Baker

    "We would recommend Harry Kimbrough's Team to anyone. The process went very smoothly with our home purchase! We received friendly, professional service with Harry Kimbrough's Team." 

    Fran & Sharon Walcutt

    "Harry found me just the right home & got a FREE Home Warranty too.! Everybody should call Harry when Buying or Selling a Home!" 

    - Howard Slyvester

    “Harry’s Team sold my house in just 5 days for full price!  Their comprehensive systems made it so easy for me.  I’ll recommend them to everyone looking to buy or sell a home.”

    -Scott Sturtz


    Harry's Team sold our house in just 22 days for 96.7% of list price! Their proven systems made it so simple for us. We'll gladly recommend them to everyone looking to buy or sell a home.

    Carl & Janell Preston

    We have been in the market for a new home ... and are anticipating a move this summer. I work with computers and websites and this site is very impressive. My hats off to the IT Team that designed this site. If as much care and information is put into your work as you do with your website, all I've got to say is you must have one helluva' business. I've seen twenty five to thirty real estate websites thus far but none compare to this in any way, shape or form. I don't know if this will reach the people you work for but I hope it does. It's blown the twenty five to thirty websites I visited right out of the water. Not to sound to crude but it's finally nice to go to a website where they really care.
    John G. Bartlett



    Harry helped us find the Perfect Home! We received Fast & Friendly service with Harry and would gladly recommend him to everyone.

    Justin & Anna Kiefat


    The Harry Kimbrough Homeselling Team made our entire home buying experience smooth & seamless. We would definitely recommend the Harry Kimbrough Homeselling team to anyone.

    Corby & Kristina Shields


    I am very pleased with the service I received from the Harry Kimbrough HomeselJing Team. They were able to help me through the process from the beginning to closing. I rect?ived all pertinent information in a timely manner for my home purchase to be a success

    Nathaniel Meadows


    Dealing with Harry's team really is a no-brainer. There's just no other agent that even comes close. Do yourself a favor. Interview Harry if you are thinking of buying or selling a property. There's just no comparison. Harry and his team found the right builder for our dream home

    Dave & Elaine Brunson


    We tried selling our home 2 other times and it didnt work out. Then we called Harry and he got the job done!

    Larry & Diana Larson


    Harry helped us buy our new home with some creative ideas and made sure we got home we wanted!

    Shane & Amy Nannemann


    After looking at many different properties the Harry Kimbrough Team found the perfect house for me. I would have no problem recommending Harry's team to anyone

    Marie Hopper


    We would recommend Harry Kimbrough's Team to anyone. They pulled together the paperwork seemingly a at moment's notice to make our transaction go smoothly. We received friendly, professional service with Harry Kimbrough's Team

    Clark & Brandi Woods


    I am very happy with Harry's service. After I found just the home I wanted the seller ran into some difficulty in selling it and Harry helped keep the deal together so I could buy the home. I would recommend Harry to everyone looking to buy a home!

    Raelyn Schlenker


    Harry helped me to get a Great Deal on My Home & took care of all the details too. I would recommend Harry to every Home Buyer

    Patricia Cote


    We had previously been with another agent for 463 days with Zero Results. Then Harry showed us what steps were needed to get it sold and it sold for 100% of list price. We were thrilled with Harry's results!

    Todd & Zelda Anderson


    "We were very happy with the Harry Kimbrough's Team when purchasing this property. They are very professional & always available and even got us a terrific lender too! We would recommend Harry Kimbrough's Team to everyone."

    Patrick & Christina Smalley


    Harry Kimbrough made our home purchase extremely easy; from showing homes, availability, and taking care of all the details. The words thorough and professional come to mind when we think of Harry's Team. We would happily recommend them to everyone thinking of buying a home!

    TJ & Whitney Shawver


    We tried selling our homes with 2 other REATORS with no success. Then we decided to go with Harry Kimbrough because of his innovative marketing plan. Harry had more tools to sell our home than anyone else in town. His unique marketing systems really made a difference. We are please with everything Harry did for us during the entire process and just wish we would have called him in the very beginnning.

    Alton & Cheryl Backes


    Harry Kimbrough's Home Selling Team was very helpful with the home buying experience. They are very professional and made the entire process smooth, easy and convenient. Harry was always there to help and did a great job!

    Eric & Nicole Anderson


    Harry Kimbrough's Home Selling Team was very helpful with our home buying experience. They are very professional and made the entire process, smooth, easy and convenient. We would highly recommend Harry if your are in the market to buy a home

    Eric Scott & Mikel Smith


    Harry Kimbrough's Team handled my sale in a professional manner. I got 100% of list price in Record time. I will recommend Harry to everyone. He's great!

    Joanne Bowers


    Our home SOLD in just 41 Days! We love it that Harry was on top of the transaction from start to finish & there were no surprises. We would gladly recommend Harry's team to everyone!

    Shay & Lindsey Lundvall

    Extremely Pleased

    Our home sold in only 14 days for 96% of the asking price. We originally listed with another agent with no results so we were extremely pleased with the hands on service provided by the Harry Kimbrough Homeselling team. They were effecient and wrapped things up with speed and skill

    Bowman Lynley Stinson

    Got the Results We Wanted

    We had our house listed for 6 months with another company with no results. Then a friend recommended that we call Harry because he had a proven track record of getting homes sold. We listed with Harry and our home SOLD in 21 days for 97% of list price

    Cesar Dominguez

    Top Dollar

    The Harry Kimbrough Homeselling Team SOLD my house Fast for Top Dollar. My house sold in only 4 days for 100% of list price. I will definitely recommend Harry to everyone who needs to sell their home.

    Alicia Ramos

    Quick Results Good Service

    After having our home listed with another company for 6 months with no activity or phone calls returned we called Harry Kimbrough and he had our home sold in 24 days for 97.5% of list price and always returned our calls. Harry stayed on top of things walked us through the entire process for a smooth closing. We will definitley recommend Harrys team to everyone wanting to sell their home

    Thomas Sarah Nielsen

    100% of List Price

    We decided to go with the Harry Kimbrough Homeselling Team because Harry had the best marketing plan. We liked Harrys overall home selling concept and his friendly service. Harrys team found just the right buyer for our home and we sold our home for 100% of list price in a slow Market

    Greg Wanda Fowler

    Great Results

    We listed our house for sale with 2 other agents who didnt sell our house. Then we called Harry and he had the marketing program to get it done. We would not hesitate recommending Harrys team to anyone

    Stephen Pamela Noakes

    FAST Sale

    I needed to sell my home fast so I called Harry. He SOLD my home in 20 days for 100.7% of list price in a slow market I was very happy with the results and will recommend Harry to everyone needing to sell their home fast.

    Caroline Martineau

    Smooth Buying Experience

    Harry Kimbrough made our entire home buying experience smooth and seamless all the way from our offer being accepted through the loan process and closing in record time We would definintley recommend Harry Kimbrough to everyone.

    Tyler Kegley Cassandra Anderson

    Professional Service

    The Harry Kimbrough Team was completely professional when it came to buying my home. They made everything extremely easy from looking at properties all the way through closing. I would highly recommend them to anyone buying property in the future.

    Everett Knapp

    Great Agent

    As a 1st time buyer I couldnt have had a better agent. Harry found me an awesome home and then when the deal started to fall apart Harry took charge and we closed 1 week later I would happily recommend Harry to anyone.

    James Cody Johnson

    The Perfect Home

    After looking at many different homes Harry Kimbroughs Team found just the right home for me. I will definitely recommend Harrys Team to everyone

    Marie Hopper

    Great Service

    Harry Kimbrougs Team did a great job in helping us find just the right home and handled everything in a professional manner. We will definitley recommend Harry to all our friends family.

    Ryan David