3 Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity

Harry Kimbrough
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
3 Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity

If you own a home, there's a good chance that your equity has increased over the past few years as home values have risen and you've been paying your mortgage on time. Home equity increases over time and might assist you in achieving specific objectives. The average borrower currently has almost $300,000 in equity, according to CoreLogic's most recent Equity Insights Report.

Understanding your assets and how to use them is crucial as you consider your options, especially in light of inflation and recession rhetoric. The best source for information on how much equity you have in your home and suggestions on how to use it is a real estate expert. Here are a few illustrations.

1. Buy a Home That Fits Your Needs

It might be time to relocate to a bigger home if your current residence is insufficient for your needs. Or it's possible that you need something smaller because your area is too large. Whatever the circumstance, think about using your equity to move into a home that suits your evolving lifestyle. 

You can utilize your equity to put a down payment on the property of your dreams if you want to renovate your current residence. And if you're looking to downsize, you might be startled to learn that some, if not all, of the price of your new house could be covered by your equity. You can use the equity you have in your house to help pay for your next one by calculating how much equity you have.

2. Reinvest in Your Current House

A recent Point survey found that 39% of homeowners would spend their equity on home improvement projects if they so desired. If you want to make some changes to your living arrangement but aren't quite ready to move just yet, this is a fantastic option.

With the help of home remodeling projects, you may adapt your house to your needs and personal preferences. Just keep in mind that some upgrades add more value to your house and are more likely to appeal to potential buyers than others when making any updates. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) research, for instance, demonstrates that replacing or refinishing wood flooring has a high cost recovery. For the best guidance on selecting projects to invest in to receive the highest return on your investment when you sell, consult a local expert.

3. Pursue Your Personal Goals

Property equity can assist you in achieving your life goals in addition to relocating or remodeling your home. That could entail financing a college education, retiring or downsizing, or investing in a new business venture. Even though you shouldn't use your equity for frivolous purchases, using it to launch a business or pay for your education can help you realize other long-term objectives.

Bottom Line

Your equity might alter the course of events. Let's connect if you're unsure of how much equity you have in your home so you can begin preparing for your next move.

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